What we do…

We provide responsive websites and create the optimal viewing experience for your intended audience.

Sell your products utilising the power of ecommerce, showcase your portfolio or show the world the services you can offer – while retaining full control of your content.

How we do it…

By asking the right questions and identifying your requirements during the design phase, we design, build and optimise your website site to meet the demands of a constantly evolving World Wide Web.

We have the equipment and skills to design logo, marketing materials and photograph and create stunning online product catalogues – enabling your products to reach a larger audience via their PC, tablet or mobile device.

The technology we use…

All of our sites are built using WordPress, a semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.  WordPress is currently used for 20% of the world’s websites, partially down to it’s simplicity – your content is literally at your fingertips.  If your portfolio or product catalog changes regularly, gone are the days of paying and waiting for a designer to update – just simply log in and make the changes yourself.

All image galleries are JavaScript based to ensure your content will work on devices that don’t support Flash, such as the iPhone.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is included for sites that we build and tailored SEO campaigns can be ordered to ensure that your content remains visible to the widest audience.

Support through our helpdesk ticket system provides an effective means of requesting assistance and will be tailored to meet agreed response times.

Services we offer…

Existing website refreshes

If you already have a website, but feel it requires some love and attention – we are more than happy to spruce it up and ensure it meets the ever changing demands of the World Wide Web.  We also port sites from ‘free’ or restricted platforms, unlocking their true potential while retaining your history.

Domain management

We offer domain registration, parking and redirection services to your existing sites hosted elsewhere.

Web hosting

We can offer hosting packages tailored to meet your needs, which include offsite backup to ensure your content is safe and easily retrievable & webmail accounts.  We use UK hosted servers to ensure that response times are as fast as possible.